D-FiWireless Freedom

Usernames and Passwords

You have a D-Fi username and password and also a WiFi password. Understanding the difference is important. Your WiFi password is something you can give out to people staying at your house who you want to offer your Internet too. All they should need to do is join your WiFi network and type out your WiFi password. You also have a D-Fi username and password, you use this password to log into this website you are at now to check your account and add data etc. This is a username and password you need to keep private. You also use this username and password to log into D-Fi which you will need to do if you get disconnected as you use up all your data, or if we restart some of our servers which can hpapen from time to time. If you see the Blue log in page offering you to log in or buy more data, try and log in with your D-Fi username and password, if there is a problem then you will be told what the reason is.

You can change your D-Fi password from your accounts page and to change your WiFi password email hi@d-fi.net.nz with your username, what you want your password to be and your contact details.

Network overview

D-Fi Limited provides a wireless network to it's customers to access the Internet via a long range wireless network we have created by building and installing our own repeater towers around the Wanaka region, you are paying for accessing this network and therefore the Internet via data only charges after the initial installation has been paid.

You get a connection to the Internet over this network from the dish on your roof via your wireless router installed inside. The wireless router also provides power to the dish via a black shielded and grounded cat5e network cable. If this cable is unplugged/damaged etc you won't have a connection to our network but you can still be connected internally to the router with your wireless devices. The black Cat5e cable needs to be plugged into the POE port of our router.

There are 2 things which need to happen on your end to connect your devices/computers to the Internet.

  • Each device needs to connect to our wireless router with your WiFi password created. We have made it so that your wireless password is not he same as your D-Fi password, this way you can choose to give out your wireless password to people coming to visit if you want to share your Internet with them and you won't have to give out your D-Fi password.
  • Your wireless router needs to be connected and logged into the D-Fi network via the log in page in order to surf the Internet - This will come up automatically by browsing to a non https page like www.trademe.co.nz, not Google, Facebook Hotmail etc which all use HTTPS and will come up with security warnings making it difficult to log on. (some Mac computers also have delays in bringing up the log-in page, this is something to do with Safari, if you have a Mac, try using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox if you experience problems finding the log in page.)

Useful things to know

Keep your password safe as if someone gets hold of your password, they can log in to one of our hotspots and use your data.

We do routine maintenance on our servers which at times will cause users to be disconnected from the Internet and you will have to log in again. Usually this is done late at night. You'll know as the next morning you will be prompted to log back into the Internet. It's advisable to save your password on computers which stay at home so that you or other family members can log back in without trouble.

If you have logged in and can't access the Internet, there could be a bigger issue which is causing it not to work. Try coming to this page and there will be network notices here. If you can't load the users.d-fi.net.nz website (this website) then try turning your router on and off. If it still doesn't work then you shoudl contact D-Fi, if there is a major network outage then you may not be able to contact us as we may be busy fixing it so hold tight.

We have multiple monitoring and alert systems in place which monitors the health of our network and the Internet in general then sends emails and SMS messages to our technicians alerting them if there is a problem. So we will usually know about it before you do, please be patient while we fix things.

We have multiple gateway, servers and network connections peforming the tasks needed to bring you the Internet, sometimes we have to use backup equipment if something goes down, usually you won't notice any change but if anything the speed can be reduced a little which will come back to normal once the issue has been resolved. If we are using backup equipment we will post the information on this page.